Sarah Akhtar

Back in 1983 I was invited to join a committee to plan events to mark the centenary of the Guild of S. Mary & S. Anne. This is the old girls association for the School of S.Mary & S.Anne in Abbots Bromley now known as Abbots Bromley School for Girls.

We decided to produce a commemorative mug,  and commissioned Anna Laird (an old girl) to design one. We ordered 2000 to be made by Hudson & Middleton in Longton at a cost of 1.32p each. They were sold throughout 1984 for 2 each at school and also at the 29 area events that took place to celebrate the centenary. All the profits raised went towards a Guild music bursary at the school.

I have had two in the cupboard ever since and was happy to donate one towards the Made in England project as I felt it was something different with a unique backstamp.